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In every artistic creation or choice with Kitty Crimes, the process begins and ends with Maria Kohler. This wasn't always easy. "I spent a lot of time looking for someone to help 'make me' in the beginning, in all sorts of ways. Hitting up different producers, representation, and every time I heard crickets, I just realized that if you want to get something done well, you have to do it yourself. At first it was cause for me to doubt myself, and then eventually I started to become really proud of everything I'd accomplished. I'd spend hours mixing a snare or editing video. Pretty soon I realized that the radio silence was the biggest encouragement for growth I have ever received. My hope when you listen to anything I record, no matter how tongue-in-cheek or explicit, is that you hear how every step of the way I was looking to earn my own confidence, and feel encouraged to do the same for yourself." 

Of course this wasn't a perpetually lonely road. Teaming up notably with director Jess Paul to create the music video for "Find A Penny" was a regionally viral win, and collaborators include Andrew Frank, Jeremy Averitt (bassist for Esme Patterson), and current DJ Pike. She also has collaborated with Denver bands, most notably featuring vocals on tracks for Inner Oceans and GVGrace.

"People emit so much love and give off an incredible amount of energy when Kitty Crimes is performing and that’s a beautiful thing. She draws the crowd inward and delivers a ferocious bang." -Tobias Kraus// Truly Rejected//

What Kitty Crimes is most noted for are her flagrant performances. A Denver native and contributor to the city's musical landscape, she has previously fronted rock quartets, sang back up for a number of Indie pop bands, and still currently drums in an all-lady punk band. 
Her newest release will feature what she's known for. Fast raps that sometimes are excessively explicit and an ensemble of multi-genre'd stabs at all the different expressions that pop has to offer.



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